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  • Communication Strategy Development and Conflict Management
  • Ethical Leadership
  • Effective Administrative Report Writing and Minutes Taking
  • Office Filing Systems and Electronic Document Management System (EDMS) Implementation
  • Procedures and Diplomatic Etiquette for Protocol Staff
  • Tendering, Procurement and Negotiation Skills
  • Artificial Intelligence for Fraud and Cybercrime Management
  • Blockchain Security for Fraud and Cybercrime Management
  • Cybercrime and Security Threat Management
  • Personnel Effectiveness and Productivity in the Workplace
  • Improving Work Ethics and Attitudinal Change
  • Effective Language Translation from French to English
  • Personnel Effectiveness and Productivity in the Workplace: Improving Productivity and Marketing Capabilities
  • Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
  • Strategic Leadership for Organisational Growth
  • Improving Patient-Centred Care Delivery
  • Strategic Partnership and Risk Management in Bilateral Relationships
  • Fostering Sustainable Development of LGAs through Progressive Architectural Designs, Construction and Maintenance of Structures in LGAs
  • Improving Effectiveness and Utilization of Funds in Modern Local Governments
  • Managing Constituency & Public Relations for Legislators
  • Corporate Effectiveness & Productivity in Governance
  • Building an Effective & Efficient Workforce
  • Sales Productivity Training for Sales Representatives
  • Transforming and Repositioning Schools for Better Learning and Effective Teaching in the 21st Centuryā€¯.
  • Improving Effectiveness, Efficiency and Accountability in The Public Health Sector
  • The role of leadership in grass root development (local government counsellors)
  • Strategic leadership in modern local government (local government chairmen)

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