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Training Calendar

Information Technology Management
Data Journalism
Investigative Journalism
Corporate IT Strategy and Business Frameworks Information Management
3-5 DaysMinna
Information Technology Management
Print Journalism
IT Project Management
System Administration and IT Infrastructure Services
3-5 DaysMinna
06/Feb/23Logistics & Supply Chain Management Procurement
Facilities Planning and Management
SAP Material Management (MM)
3-5 DaysAbuja
13/Feb/23Logistics & Supply Chain Management Warehousing and Inventory Management
Tendering, Procurement and Negotiation Skills
3-5 DaysAbuja
06/March/23Personnel Effectiveness & Productivity
Improving Workplace culture
Effective Communication in the Workplace
Values-based Leadership Team Management:
Building an Effective & Efficient Workforce
Ethical Leadership
3-5 DaysUyo
13/March/23Personnel Effectiveness & Productivity
Strategic Leadership for Organizational Growth
Strategic Partnership and Risk Management in Bilateral Relationships
Leadership Skills for Chief Executives Officers
Effective Administrative Practices
Personnel Effectiveness and Productivity in the Workplace
3-5 DaysUyo
17/April/23Communication Business Communication
Communication and Conflict Management
Development Communication
3-5 DaysKaffi
24/April/23Communication Strategic Communications
Public Speaking and Presentations
3-5 DaysKaffi
08/May/23ManagementHuman Resource Management
Stress Management
Conflict Management
3-5 DaysAbuja
15/May/23ManagementStrategic Planning
Energy Efficiency and Sustainability Management
3-5 DaysAbuja
05/June/23LegalAn overview of Public Officers Protection/Obligations Under Nigeria Law
Effective Judicial Records Management and Law Reporting Techniques
Exercise of Company's Powers
3-5 DaysAbuja
19/June/23LegalDisputes and Compliance
Enforceable Contracts
Incorporation of Companies
Legal aspects of Public, Private Partnerships (PPPs
3-5 DaysAbuja
03/July/23Public Governance Best Practices for Effective Political Parties
Corporate Governance Practices in Emerging Economies
Corporate Effectiveness and Productivity in Governance
3-5 DaysMinna
10/July/23Public Governance Managing Constituency and Public Relations for Legislators
Policy Coherence and Multi-Sectoral Approach for Sustainable Development
Strategic Leadership in Modern Local Government
3-5 DaysMinna
Personnel Effectiveness & Productivity
Modern-Day Teaching Techniques
Education and Institutional Management
Effective Knowledge Management
Task and Time Management Corporate Productivity and Compliance
3-5 DaysAbuja
Personnel Effectiveness & Productivity
Education Leadership
Inclusive Education
Reading Ethics for Personal Effectiveness
Work Ethics & Professional Etiquettes
3-5 DaysAbuja
04/Sep/23Project ManagementGrievance Redress Mechanisms (GRM) Impact Measurement,
Monitoring and Evaluation of Programmes
Project Finance
3-5 DaysAbuja
11/Sep/23Project ManagementStakeholder Management
Project Planning Resource Mobilization
Strategic Advocacy Engagement
3-5 DaysAbuja
02/Oct/23FinanceAsset Securitization
Financial Management for Pensioners
3-5 DaysAbuja
09/Oct/23FinanceFixed Income Products Operations, Regulations and Compliance in
Emerging Financial Markets
3-5 DaysAbuja
06/Nov/23Security & ProtocolCybercrime and Security Threat Management
Block chain Security for Fraud and Cybercrime Management
3-5 DaysAbuja
13/Nov/23Security & ProtocolArtificial Intelligence for Fraud and Cybercrime Management
Procedure and Diplomatic Etiquette for Protocol Officers
3-5 DaysAbuja
04/Dec/23Personnel Effectiveness & ProductivityOffice Filing Systems and
Electronic Document Management System (EDMS) Implementation
Effective Administrative Report Writing and Minutes Taking
Effective Report Writing
3-5 DaysAbuja
04/Dec/23Personnel Effectiveness & ProductivityGeographic Information Systems (GIS)
Microsoft Excel for Professionals
Emotional and Social Intelligence
3-5 DaysAbuja
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