About Us

Who We Are

Teach House Limited is a registered management consultancy company focused on delivering training, consulting and recruitment services with special interest in education. Since its inception, we have developed to become an organization spearheading educational development and partner interventions that focus on human and organizational capacity building.

What We Do

Our trainings, local and international, are tailored towards meeting the needs of corporate organizations, public institutions, teachers and students. Our consulting arm focuses on delivering management consultancy services, facilitating social empowerment campaigns and promoting the advancement of business, social and educational structures and framework. Our third arm focuses on the recruitment of students interested in foreign education and staff for corporate organizations.

Teach House has developed to become an organisation spearheading educational development and partner interventions that focus on human and organisational capacity building.

Our Vision

Our vision is to build people and organisations through specialised training.

Our Mission

We aim to become a globally trusted brand, an education centre and a business customer’s choice.

Our Team

Our multi-disciplinary team is comprised of experienced professionals and accredited consultants with high depth of technical and managerial capabilities across different fields of work.

Our Values

We are committed to building people and building systems. We enjoy the trust of our clients by our unending uphold of value systems hinged on prioritising their needs over ours.


We consider each service a borrowed opportunity to set the right standard. We are careful to leave a lasting impression of our honesty and loyalty to our clients.


We employ the best hands for every job. Our team of experts are acquainted with corporate processes, procedures and standards that guarantee quality service within a given time period.


We believe in people. We believe in teamwork. We believe in strategic partnerships. Over the years we have enjoyed the benefits of local and foreign collaborations and we look to sustain the same.


We are particular about details and the damage miscommunication can cause. We are committed to our clients’ needs and particular about how we execute our services.