Our training curriculum addresses capacity gaps in management, education and productivity fields amongst others.

    Corporate Training

    Our training, local and international, are tailored towards meeting the needs of corporate organizations and public institutions interested in educating, motivating and strengthening employee capacities across different spheres of corporate needs.

    We collaborate with reputable international institutions through our local and international partners to develop better ways to train, support and evaluate stakeholders across different sectors. All our training programmes are designed to accommodate adult learning peculiarities in a highly conducive learning environment.

    Teacher Training

    The key to quality education is to have well-trained, well-prepared and well-supported teachers. At Teach House, we carefully examine how teachers teach, what methods they use and how each class is managed. These peculiarities inform the training methodologies we choose to adopt in order to improve upon existing teaching competencies.

    We train teachers on the fundamentals of teaching and the residual effects of bad teaching and ineffective teachers on the lives of students. We also help teachers understand how to develop and manage detailed lesson plans, identify and adopt effective teaching methods and techniques to employ for effective classroom management, among others.

    Our workshops are tailored towards strengthening teachers’ authority in the classroom by equipping them with modern-day teaching practices.
    We are committed to raising the status of teaching by inspiring teachers to maintain high expectation for themselves, their learning and the students they teach.

    Bespoke Training

    Our bespoke courses address existing gaps in social and business environments. These courses are tailor-made for targeted audiences for the purpose of improving productivity.

    We adopt specialised methodologies in delivering bespoke training to our clients within specified countries or to a specified audience. Just in case you fall short of finding a course that fits your exact needs, we provide courses that are tailored to your personal or organization’s requirements.

    Short Executive Course

    This course is designed for leaders, business owners, public officers and management staff of parastatals willing to adopt new strategies that will harness individual values, improve employee engagement, encourage teamwork and strengthen corporate systems accordingly.

    Corps Members Scheme

    We deliver capacity building workshops for Corps Members of the National Youth Service Corps, Nigeria on entrepreneurship and career building. Our classes are designed to provide practical information for use in making informed decisions regarding post-service activities and lessen Corps Member’s dependence on government support.

    Tutorial Classes

    We offer academic tutorial classes for junior and secondary school pupils desiring to improve upon existing grades or those preparing for local and foreign examinations. Our teaching methods are designed to equip pupils with critical thinking, problem solving and lifelong learning skills.

    Etiquette Classes

    Today’s society is facing a serious challenge of moral and social decadence to the effect that basic etiquettes like good table manners is far becoming extinct especially in Africa. We have designed a number of classes to address the same. These classes are designed to cater for the social needs of children and teens.

    Training is one of the key components to your growth as individuals or businesses