We provide services that promotes the advancement of business, social and educational structures and frameworks.

    Business Services

    We provide services that incorporate business planning and management, systems analysis and design, corporate branding and communications, among others.

    Social Services

    We build the capacities of students and youths through a number of events including training seminars, skill acquisition workshops, social campaigns, academic competitions, field trips and sponsorships. Our objective is to facilitate the spread of knowledge and encourage exchanges that address the leadership gap between the older and younger generations in Africa.

    We also partner with constituted authorities, development agencies and international organizations in ensuring the development of leadership values among young people.

    Educational Services

    In addition to initiating, monitoring and managing educational projects, Teach House provides technical advice and support to educational institutions and broker strategic partnerships between local and foreign institutions.

    Our strategies are designed to contribute to a strong, versatile and result-oriented educational platform across developing countries. To this effect, we have developed special schemes tailor-made to address a number of challenges affecting public and private schools.

    School Improvement Scheme

    This scheme is designed to increase the attractiveness and influence of institutions in the wider society. Comprising of 3 phases, the scheme is structured to address the relationship between the classroom, school environment and external perception of an institution.

    Teacher Retention Scheme

    It is estimated that approximately 50 per cent of new teachers leave the teaching profession within their first five years of teaching irrespective of the incentives they may enjoy. This scheme will help you understand the reasons behind this decision and the role school management can play in curbing teacher migration.

    Modern School Culture Scheme

    This scheme is designed to address the concept of a modern school, its culture and how to build and sustain the same irrespective of location and country. At Teach House, we equip you with the knowledge and skills required to create a healthy modern school environment that complements your school’s values and quality expectations.